Instructions for use

EXOMED™ is utilized in a manual way and no other additional tool is required for its functioning.


The instrument is supplied ‘NON-STERILE’: it must be properly washed, rinsed and sterilized before using it.

  • 1. Check the instrument and all its parts
  • 2. We recommend to clean the instrument fully and accurately before each sterilization session. If the instrument is not perfectly cleaned
    the result of the sterilization may be jeopardized.
  • 3. After each washing session verify that all the Exomed™ parts are intact and without any alteration that may compromise its usage.
  • 4. We recommend an autoclave sterilization: each cycle should not exceed the duration of 7 minutes,
    with a temperature of 134°C and a pressure of 2,1 bar. (However check the specific advices provided by the manufacturer of the autoclave).

We suggest to regularly lubricate all the joined parts of the instruments, a simple procedure which ensures a perfect performance and longer duration of the product.
Exomed™ case is fully autoclavable: arrange the Exomed™ components on it and proceed with required sterilization.